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Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
I work with women to help them feel strong, empowered and vibrant - while honoring the connection between mind, body and spirit.  I offer personal training services to women who are dealing with chronic stress like parenting a child with special needs, chronic health conditions and/or autoimmune issues helping them to find a wellness lifestyle (to include fitness, nutrition, mindset practices).
My passion is also working with the beginner exerciser and the over 50 population, specifically women trying to create new lifestyle habits that are balanced and healthy for overall wellness. 
I also offer nutrition coaching that supports women in finding a balanced nutrition plan that fits their lifestyle and supports their overall wellness. I focus on helping women to find the right foods that nourish their bodies on all levels and help them find sustained energy without ever feeling deprived. We work together to establish life long habits that are sustainable, flexible and doable. 
Essential Oil Education
I am passionate about teaching people how to live a holistic lifestyle, and the fact that is can be easy! I promise it is! There is a learning curve at first but once you see the benefits of living more naturally in the food choices you make, and the products that you chose for your home and body.. you will not want to live any other way. Holistic, natural living does not need to be expensive, it does not need to be complicated.
I love to teach people how to use essential oils to support the immune system, to aid healing in injury and illness, to nourish us in self care practices, and how to use them in natural home and beauty care products. Feel free to sign up for my email list and as well, send me an email and let me know you'd like to get started on your essential oils journey.
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