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To get started, email me to set up a Free Wellness Consult and join my Facebook private education group. I'd love to help you get started!

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FREE WELLNESS CONSULT: If you would like to set up a free 45 minute wellness consult either in person or by phone please feel free to email me. We can chat about your questions regarding essential oils, what your health goals are for you and/or your family and then make a plan together on how to get you started on your natural

living journey with essential oils.

As a fitness and wellness professional it is my life's work to empower people to live a healthy life. I am passionate about food, fitness, mindset and overall wellness. And I want to inspire you to be passionate too. I love to teach. Whether it's about food, fitness, mindset, gut and brain health or essential oils, it is my passion and purpose to empower you in being your healthiest, independent self so you can empower others too.


Over the last 5 years I have been transitioning the products I use at home for health, beauty and cleaning to more natural, and plant based for more natural (less toxic) living. I've been doing a lot of reading how we are exposed today to so many chemicals whether in our food, our water, our air, cleaning products and particularly health and beauty products. Using non-toxic, natural products for home and beauty has been a personal mission to share with others. Essential oils are a huge part of that natural living.

The brand I trust is doTERRA.

Whether I am using doTerra home and beauty products, or using doTerra essential oils to create my own products, I feel I have a trusted product that will support natural living for myself and family. And I want to share that with you too so you can provide healthy products for you and your family. 


As a personal trainer, I work with clients to support them with their fitness and nutrition practices for healthy living. However, stress management, sleep and mindset practices go hand in hand with nutrition and fitness. Essential oils have played a big part in my life in supporting my self-care and wellness practices. Whether it's using an essential oil to support my sleep, to balance and ground me on a stressful day or nurture my mind and soul in a meditation or yoga practice, essential oils are just THAT, “essential”, in all these wellness practices!


Please email me or message with any questions you may have about using essential oils for healthy living or using doTerra Essential oils to support your healthy lifestyle.

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start with the oils but that's what I'm here for!

I will give you guidance and education as to how essential oils will work best for you.

We'll partner together to find the best products to fit your needs. 

In the Essentially SoulFed Community you will receive:

What makes working with a doTERRA Wellness Advocate like me is the "doTERRA Difference".

You become part of an education and support community where you'll learn to use your essential oils safely and effectively. You will receive ongoing education from day  from a team of knowledgeable and passionate people who use their oils everyday in a variety of ways.


Some of the perks in joining our community....

One-on-One Initial Wellness Consult where you will learn how to use your oils, and get any questions answered about using oils to address natural health solutions for your home or your wellness. 

Ongoing essential oil and wellness education by joining myprivate Facebook community of oil users. We have ongoing  trainings, live Q & A and education

Wellness Welcome Packet with a free essential oil and lots ofother goodies to get you started on your journey

Oil Camp Email Series Training for the first month ofenrollment where you will learn the ins and outs of using oils safely and effectively

Access to private LIVE events and trainings for ongoing education


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