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"My goal is  to inspire you to live a healthy life where you thrive on balanced nurtiton, find movement you love and feel resilient and strong through a positive mindset".

Hi, I'm Victoria and I want to welcome you to SoulFed & FitLife!

My Passion, My Beliefs
I am passionate about food, fitness, mindset and overall wellness. And I want to inspire you to be passionate too! Here's the gist of what I believe and drives me to do what I love to do!

Food and Nutrition:
As someone who loves eating and cooking, and sharing a good meal and conversation with family and friends, I want to teach people that healthy food is neither bland or boring. A whole-foods (real food) lifestyle whether you subscribe to a pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, Whole 30, Paleo or what-have-you ... the nutrition you chose should feel life balanced, sustainable, enjoyable and nourishing. Cooking does not have to be time consuming, and complicated! I see many folks who find the kitchen and recipe reading overwhelming. AGAIN! It doesn't have to be! I promise. My hope is to teach you basic skills in the kitchen where you will feel confident to whip a meal in no-time, or plan out your meals for the week.
Fitness and Movement:
My goal is to inspire people of all ages and abilities to live a balanced lifestyle that involves daily exercise and movement routines that are enjoyable and sustainable to their lifestyle and that is right for their bodies. Movement and fitness should not be thought of as punishment. I want you to love movement, crave movement everyday! Whether you are new to fitness and a lifetime "mover" I want to inspire you to move in a nourishing way, to enjoy the feeling of a strong and capable body. Often times I hear people complaining about the exercise program that they chose. If it's not enjoyable then how can you sustain it? How can you truly benefit from physically and mental aspects of exercise. You gotta love how you move!
Mindset Wellness:
To live a SoulFed and FiLife, it is not solely about fitness and food. To live a healthy life your mindset and thoughts, how you speak to and think about yourself have a great impact on your wellness and well-being. Those things in turn play an influence in how you move, feed yourself, how you sleep, rest and recover, how you care for yourself and others. The health, wellness and mindset connection is something I have become extremely passionate about over the last 5 years of my life. When life hit some pretty big bumps for me, I found that the perspective I chose in looking at situations and self care during stressful times greatly impacted how resilient I could be or not be in dealing with life's challenges. I have learned a lesson or two, along the way, (and sometimes the hard way) that mindset and wellness practices are a big player in how we feel physically, emotionally and mentally.
Natural Living and Essential Oils:
Over the last 5 years I have been transitioning the products I use at home for health, beauty and cleaning to more natural, and plant based. I've been doing a lot of reading how we are exposed today to so many chemicals whether in our food, our water, our air, cleaning products and particularly health and beauty products. Using non-toxic, natural products for home and beauty has been a personal mission to share with others. Essential oils  are a huge part of natural living for me as well. As a doTerra Wellness Advocate I enjoy sharing the benefits essential oils can play in one's overall health and well being. 
It is my life's work to teach and help others. I hope to inspire you in the lessons I have learned through my experiences as a woman, a wife and a mother, a fitness professional,  and a former Developmental Early Intervention Educator. And I am hoping you will join me on this journey as it unfolds for us! Are you ready?!
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Professional Profile at a glimpse: 
All my life I have been an teacher. It is my life's work. With a Master of Science in Education, I worked as an Early Intervention Educator before taking 5 years off to spend time with my children as a stay-at-home Mom. I restarted my work outside the home life as a Cardio Kickboxing Instructor in 2005, taking on a new career path that has morphed being an from instructor to program director, to owning my own brick and mortar studio, to now being an entrepreneur.

As an experienced fitness professional for over 12 years my philosophy is fitness should be fun and effective. My experiences as a certified Personal Trainer and Primary Group Exercise Instructor have taught me to be able to modify and work with a wide range of clientele within one class setting to keep everyone’s workout safe, effective and, of course, FUN! 

Specialties: An AFAA Primary Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer I specialize in teaching a wide variety of classes including; TRX Suspension Training, Fitness Boxing classes, BOSU fitness classes, Indoor Cycling, Kettlebell, Boot Camp, Resistance Training, Core Stability Ball classes and Barre to name a few. Victoria's certifications and trainings include MAD DOGG SPINNING® Instructor, AFAA Practical Pilates Instructor, Balanced Body/Boston Body Barre Instructor, TRX Group Exercise Instructor, HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified) Instructor and YogaFit Level 1.

I am also Reiki I Certified, have taken a course on functional medicine assessment through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and I study essential oils, whole food based nutrition and healing the body naturally extensively.

The journey to creating SoulFED and FitLIFE has grown out of my struggles with depression, autoimmune disease, raising a child with special needs, a career in fitness that has morphed and changed and given me many gifts personally and professionally .. I work passionately to help others feel HEARD, LOVED and CARED for no matter why they come to me and how they use me professionally.

Thank you for joining me on this journey..... 

In Health,


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